Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Final Courage

This is my word:

I am happy and incolsolable because this is a modern crisis /
I have everything at my fingertips yet lack
The final Courage

Courage and belief is what I need /
A Collaborator of sorts is what I want /
But it's hard when your thoughts and your soul /
Belong to others so scattered across /
The globe.

Marmaduke my goldfish is buried at sea /
Well, in the Thames that leads to the sea /
Which leads me to think / a journey
Has begun for Marmy
In to the depths of the Underworld.
I'm not going to follow him /
I'll leave him to it -
But for me something else has begun /
To rumble, to fall, to intimidate /

Which is time, Tempus Fugit /
I must start now
To take the plunge and the humiliation /
That will come with all of it.