Sunday, 2 November 2014

Flat Atlas

Why’s he got a limp?

What dyu mean why’s he got a limp?

Why’s he got a limp?

Flat shoes she said, but he said he wears heeled boots – he’s a heel-wearer. Lack of sleep, not sleeping well she mused and he said no he’s been sleeping alright lately.

Rest of the workers look on as this lame colt walks slowly to and fro from stage to back-stage to green room. He still has to make the coffee, order the pizzas making sure that at least two kinds have pepperoni topping; one deep pan; one a romana base; and two must be vegetarian. None of the acts were ever gluten-free or vegan, thank goodness he thought to himself as he staggered carrying boxes of pizza piled atop one another with a straightened back as possible; the tower of pizzas leaning upon his ill-burdened shoulders. Dammit. A pathetic Atlas (but with a paunch no muscles and flat hair) if ever you saw one. He had forgotten to buy the non-alcoholic beer.