Saturday, 27 July 2013


Advice to self, don’t quell creativity when it comes. The boat is permanently moored in Creekside, Deptford which is in Deptford Creek. The view from the front end of the boat (I have no internet here so no point opening a browser to check what the nautical term is for the front end of a boat, all I know is “hull” and “portside”) is of marshland, which twice daily fills with murky water. It doesn’t sound idyllic but it strangely is. It’s a haunting beauty that creeps up on you. Some mornings and evenings when I come home at dusk, I meet the swans. There are two white and grubby looking swans, obviously a couple, who float around the boat and pull up weeds. They are peaceful to look at and completely uninterested in me.

It’s summer in London and the skies are either bright blue or a dull grey; the grey keeps in the heat and that’s when you feel muggy. Nothing to do with mugs but it can definitely feel muggy in the city during summer. You'd think that would be unpleasant but it also has it’s interesting consequences. People frown less and look more exasperated, which is a nice change from the commuter misery of London life. It’s so hot and muggy that people forget to fret about train delays and instead lean on things and wait with indignant tiredness and a “what’s the point” sort of attitude. Like I said, that’s a nice change.