Sunday, 18 August 2013


Sometimes there are too many things to unravel and so there be no point in trying to make sense of it all. Just let it slide.

A friend from Santa Barbara is making her way to my boat right now. She is a hapless traveller and therefore got stuck crossing the River Thames – don't we all. She’s a friend from the blazer days. A double entendre because that’s a metaphor for when I was a serious Masters student reading the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas; and the second meaning less intelligent.

My first love was fired from his job in the media. I invited him to discuss and recoup on the boat, we smoked cigs and drank Tyskies and made wishes that everything would be fine. Everything is going to be all right.

Tomorrow I attend a wedding of two great friends. Claire, the bride, is my age and beautiful and an artist. Her speciality is print-making. Paul Scattergood, groom to be is a tall stringy fellow with a dash of golden hair and blue eyes you'd find in a Narnia adventure. The two kids are becoming adults and there’s a ceremony to mark their transition with the added element of eternal love! Can you get more fantastical than that? Some dragons maybe.

The job is there hanging like Damocles’ sword. Can’t wait for yet another curve ball, that’s all I’m divulging.

Sang in a tribute band (badly) on Tuesday.

Last week I spent fifteen minutes in Edinburgh. Probably the most futile task I had to accomplish but hell I did it. The moral of the story is (spending those 15 stressful minutes jumping off from one train arriving at Edinburgh Waverley and then jumping on to the return train back to London King’s Cross): It’s not where you go that matters, it’s all about the journey.

Sometimes Don’t Think. Just let it slide.