Monday, 12 August 2013

The Boat Weekend

It’s weird for the front space of my boat to be empty now. The weather stayed bright and summery for the whole weekend. People lounged about and swung their legs over the sides, we lay on the roof and others stood tall upon it to gaze over the waters. We encountered a family of ducklings, six of them plus mother, and another duck family made up of only two, one mother and one newborn paddling with all its fluffy might to keep up with her in the shallows as mama glided by. At one point there were eight friends and myself at the front of the boat and it filled me with joy. ‘Joy is the kind of happiness that does not depend on what happens’, said a monk one point in time. And I agree and that’s what I felt for the whole weekend, surrounded by friends and family. ‘Thank you for the days’, as the Kinks also once said. And so, with phrases heard and hence remembered, memories made, we float on by with the ups and downs of the tides.