Saturday, 19 October 2013

Autumn's Here

Autumn’s here. I saw two leaves fall off a tree in front of me. There’s a Big Issue man wearing an unzipped jacket stopping people on the street. And look that’s nice, I just passed a Budgens that had the banner ‘Best Budgens Store Winner 2013’ proudly hanging from its rooftop. Congestion down Central Street where my bus keeps stopping and starting, I can see the city looming in the distance but we don’t seem to be getting any closer. Suddenly we’ll be in the city. Out of nowhere you’re surrounded - that’s always the way - shock tactics. The new development of a block of flats with the catchphrase ‘Where City Meets Fringe’, we ride past that as well. It’s not made for people living on the edge per se just for those who can afford the glamorous pretense of living amongst the impoverished. Grunge chic. A fellow described to me the other day, the cafes that succeed around here have a certain calculated quirkiness about them. That sounds daunting doesn’t it, calculated quirky. Its almost contradictory; enforced liberty. 

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