Saturday, 19 October 2013


She was put upon getting us here. Driving on the left side of these starkly moonlit roads that wound around and round the countryside. Dirt tracks by the end. There was no other car in sight, we saw a man standing under a street lamp when we drove through a deserted town.

‘But it’s Friday night!’ exclaimed one of the passengers merrily.

‘Yes but we’re in the middle of nowehere’ replied Mark.

Waking up in such a pretty (escape) landscape is heaven. An abundance of flowers bursting out of vases, and lots of glass objects that retain the sunlight placed higgledypiggledy around the houses. The main house has been decorated with love, and in love there is room for eccentricity. So many colourful prints hang off the walls, and there's a large slow-moving revolving fan up on the ceiling, brining home the fact you’re away.