Saturday, 30 November 2013

Doctor Who

Rimi: Oh My God

Owen: What?

(pregnant silence)

Rimi: Does everyone know about this?

Putting down the newspaper on to his lap

Owen: Know about what?

Rimi: Doctor Who

Pulling up the paper in front of his face. Nonplussed

Owen: Yes

Rimi: He’s amazing. The Doctor. And oh my god Steven Moffat. How does he make the Doctor and Sherlock?

Eleanor: Yeah. Why?

Rimi: I can’t believe Steven Moffat is a guy

Eleanor: Wait why can’t you believe he’s a guy

Rimi: Because how can one person come up with characters like the Doctor and Sherlock? I just can’t get over how a living breathing person can come up with such resonant heroes in this modern age

Owen: I wouldn’t call Sherlock a hero, and he didn’t invent him

Rimi: I know. He’s re-invented him for us

Eleanor: Jesus

Rimi: The Doctor sort of is!

Eleanor: You make him sound like Jesus

Rimi: He never dies, he’s the ultimate hope in a desperate situation. He practices what he preaches, which is to be a doctor and so to always help people; whatever the context to save the lives of others – regardless of species!

Eleanor: No, this Moffat guy

Rimi: He’s The Writer


Owen: You need to get out more

Rimi: I am getting out more

Eleanor: I can see what you mean. The Writer is like Jesus

Rimi: No, The Doctor is and Sherlock

Owen: I don't want to be a dick about it but how is Sherlock like Jesus?

Rimi: He saves people too, but he’s tainted with sin which is like human beings in the Bible. Eve and Adam

Owen: But if Sherlock is Jesus then he’s not one of us

Eleanor: Jesus isn’t a human being

Rimi: Fine. Sherlock is like Jesus but not Jesus ok, whereas The Doctor is Jesus. That’s why he keeps regenerating!

Eleanor: That’s the Phil joke


Rimi: No that’s a joke about the Pope

Orlando: I bet you’re going to say the Pope is like Jesus I suppose

Rimi: He’s not though. Even I know that Orlando. Sorry did we disturb you from your writing

Orlando: No no, not to worry, it’s just another book review

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