Friday, 17 January 2014

London Campus

Unsure now if university prepares any individual for life out there in the real world. It definitely nurtures the soul though, some take away from it being part of an orchestra, a student protest, a club night; and I bet most of the kids from UCL have done one of the above. They are The Cool students - caring about not caring but actually really deeply caring about image and ideas. And what’s wrong with that? It might not lead directly to money but it’ll help them engineer a false identity, one they can use as their public face in a world that’s commandeered by Internet. I stood there in the middle and watched them gather and disperse. I had flyers in my pockets to hand out (‘trying to hit the student demographic yeah, they like free things’) negating me as a threat and I was surprised by what I saw. Beautiful creatures in the rapture of youth making tiny decisions which won’t affect the outcome of anything (but they think it will and that’s what matters). Is it naivety, is it young priority, or is it actually that they’ve been taught to believe the world takes them seriously. They don’t. Or at least I don’t think it does. Jealous but happy for them, I laugh like I’d imagine a dog laughs when he’s been unclipped from his collar and scamper off to find some food.