Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Diary of a Deli Worker. Milk & Burns.

Sunday 29 June.

Mother bought 2 pints of milk again forgetting that I had bought 2 pints of milk upon her request yesterday. Whilst at home she keeps asking me the same question, ‘Do you want a glass of milk?’ So tonight before bed I have drunk 3 and a half glasses of blue-top milk and 3 digestive chocolate biscuits (which will pass their sell-by date in July).

Monday 30 June. 

‘Our ears have become tuned to it’, says Barbora briskly as she cradles a salad bowl and stirs a carbonara, ‘I don’t want any of this “Marco, could we have the bolognese please, thank you very much.” No, that will go over his head. I want to hear - 
Bolognese please!
Prawns please!
Spaghetti please!
Mushrooms please!
Chilli tomato garlic… please!
Ok do you hear? Good. Now stir the pesto.’
I have served no coffees today and have been told off for saying thank you and sorry too much. A lesson learned, don’t be gracious in deli situations.

Tuesday 1 July.

Proudly the bearer of my first catering burn. Barbora tells me, ‘How else do you learn apart from getting a few cuts here, a few burns and bruises there? I’m not wishing it on you but that’s how I learnt. We learn from experience.’ The local Gardener popped in to the deli bringing his own mug for the teas, very green indeed. A small gentleman perched on a stool asks him what small tree he should plant from a seedling in his back garden? The Gardener replies any, because by the time you’ve deliberated over what seed would be best suited for your back garden you’ve run out of time for the tree to grow at all, so stop umm-ing and ahh-ing and go and plant the seed. Once the seed is in just wait. The wait will take years so act now and make the decisions that follow. I very much believe the Gardener has imparted advice one would not hear at life-coaching. I had 2 glasses of milk tonight and 2 digestive biscuits. I cannot tell if the biscuits are washing down the milk or the other way round. Still 2 and half pints of milk left.