Friday, 15 May 2015

Two Poems

Just Them Two

I turned to you and I thought you were
I woke up under white and
Birdsong, I was already
Not there.

Once the chessboard has been cleaned
To the final few pieces
Linoleum bath mats
Junkyard thermostats

Last two pieces standing:
King and Queen in the green
There's just them two.

Thwack. Clean the board
check check check
Acute pain, dishevelled dishes
Lukewarm bathwater
No way to swim back
Take your stuff, leave it go!

Clear blue boredom sets in

Love and Aeroplanes

I have a friend 
Who boarded a plane
To surprise the one
She loves.
He did not know
About her return,
Nor even of that love.

I know a girl
Who waited and waited
Hopeful of a plane.
When he was thrust back
In to her palms
She gasped for joy
Which she immediately stole
Away, for a rainy day.

I know two fools
Who boarded a plane
To go re-strike that match!
Of love in New York,
It did not work
She'd been a doll
A mannequin of false hope.

I know a man who dreamt and
Dreamt, of that final plane:
For dreams to come true.
Eventually he waited
On and on
And neither she nor the plane
Came true.