Monday, 14 April 2014


I bet this hasn’t happened to you for years;

maybe your bits have dropped off. I felt the excitement mount me today. I was sat cross-legged on the floor and suddenly I wanted to 

Kick my feet and jump up in a flurry and shout a little. 
make a funny face and laugh. 

It was the excitement alright, maybe what adults used to call hysteria in girls and children. 

oh it was great - it still is

feeling youthful regardless of age. I thought of someone you see, 
a person 
a new person 
Who makes me happy. 
I’m not sure what it is but he has a way with words that fills them up with lightful air. 
He gives a smile on to my lips. 
                                    We kiss. 
It’s resounding and though not structurally stable it is what life is made up of: little morsels. 

It’s the feeling when you were born. 
Wonderment at the lustful proclivities of the earth’s spin. 

What is it (?) when the Autumn leaves rustle like a towel being muffled around your head by a 


Sunlight that’s from a summer’s lazy day in.