Saturday, 23 November 2013

First Job Last Day

Worker: So, where are you off to?

Me: Urm. Nowhere in particular.

Worker: Do you have your sights set on something?

Me: Well

Worker: Where are you going?

Worker: What are you going to do?

Me: I want to… I want to write. A writer. Is that alright? I’m just you know having a break - a change of scene.

(sassy woman; mid to late 40’s walks on and off stage)

Joanna: That’s right! You can only make a change during a gap.

(shouting after her)

Me: Are you sure Joanna?

Joanna: Oh my yes. You’ve got spirit, don’t you worry.

(she stares longingly after her presence)

Worker: So any plans? Of what you’re going to do now.

Me: Urrrm

Worker: What are you going to do with your first free Monday?

Me: Oh god.

(Goes to clear away her desk and shovels pens and headphones in to her rucksack)

Me: What am I going to do without structure?

Colleague: You’re doing the right thing.

Me: Am I?

Colleague: Yes. And sometimes hon it’s difficult to do the right thing.