Sunday, 9 February 2014

Check Before You Travel

London Underground stations are closed due to a planned strike

It’s raining and everyone is miserable.

Some services may be affected due to planned engineering work

Just about everyone, maybe not the tube workers on strike who get to stay away from this infernal dull drizzle but they are on strike so they can’t be happy (with work conditions).

Old man with bald head and anorak speaks into his Nokia phone, ‘Gawd it’s a nightmare out here on the roads’ turns to the little boy beside him, ‘You cold son?’
No response
Back to his phone, ‘Nah he’s got his ’at on...
Was gona give him some chips without salt on…
At least they’re warm innit.’

Bus trundles past one motorcycle accident, blue silent lights whirring a top. Boy stares out misted up windows with old man beside smacking chops down the gob-block glued to his ear.

Bus rotes 10, 17, 390, N5, 27, 134, 88, W3, 221, and 63 are subject to diversion due to road disruption

            Hell we’ll be here forever.