Friday, 28 February 2014

Lemon Girl & Rose

(NB. To be read as poetry to be performed as dialogue)

Lemon: I didn’t expect to see you here.

Rose: Why would you say that? Of course I’m here.

Lemon: Merry Christmas by the way.

Rose: Ok, and same to you.

Lemon: And a happy new year.


Rose: It’s already spring, let’s forget the festivities.

Lemon: Like you forget about those around you?

Rose: No I never.

Lemon: Whatever, you’re a hussy and you know it. Fleeting and always chasing the dream.

Rose: Why are you like this? Couldn’t we be nice to each other like it was in our childhood? Remember the honeycakes and morning dew?

Lemon: You need to stop hitting the bottle. You’re drunk.

Rose: Stop it. It was better then. We Got On.

Lemon: We never Got On.

Rose: Well I still love you.


Lemon: Just so you know. I never loved you.

Rose: That’s fine.

Lemon: No it’s not. Love can’t be a one-sided affair. If you say you love me but I don’t return it then it basically annuls your love and transforms it in to obsession.

Rose: I’m ok with that. I still love you. Always will.

Lemon: Then Fuck Off.


Rose: I brought flowers.

Lemon: I can see.

Rose: Which one’s his grave?

Lemon: Guess.

Rose: That one?

Lemon: No.

Rose: That one?

Lemon: No.

Rose: That one?

Lemon: No.

Rose: That one?


Rose: I know he meant a lot to you.

Lemon: Do you really?

Rose: Yes. He was your friend I know.

Lemon: Like a brother.

Rose: And your lover.

Lemon: Like a soul-mate.

Rose: So I am sorry.

Lemon: Hated fire.

Rose: For your loss.

Lemon: Feared water.

Rose: So it is a shame.

Lemon: A shame to whom I wonder? To me sure, to the neighbours, slightly, and to a non-existent famous friend like you, well it can’t even work itself up to be a shame can it? Just a passing message your agent’s assistant picked up and threw your way.

Rose: And when she did I felt a prick of sorrow so sharp that I came here in my shoes with the flowers I made.

Lemon: Petals on stems.

Rose: That’s what they are.

Lemon: Ignoramous.

Rose: Come here.

Lemon: You ignoramous!

Rose: Don’t pull away.

Lemon: I hate you!

Rose: It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright. Sssshhh.